P2 Fun Day

The Primary Two students had an enjoyable Fun Day during the Fun Learning Session on 26th April, 2018.
They took eight challenges so as to gain Ling To points. They had so much fun using English!

Fun Day 01

Follow the instructions to make a kitten and a pistol.
Fun Day 02
Use an app to identify high frequency words.
Fun Day 03
Use our creativity and do different yoga poses.
Fun Day 04

Guess what I am? I am a sea lion!

Fun Day 05
English Ambassador said, ‘Can you draw me a happy face?’
Fun Day 06
Work in pairs to stick the tail for the donkey.
Fun Day 07
An English word can be a short piece of music!
Fun Day 08
Bingo! I can find the same word!
Fun Day 09
We worked collaboratively.
Fun Day 10
My kitten is cute and unique!
Fun Day 11
We are eager to learn.
Fun Day 12
We can learn English in an interesting way.
Fun Day 13

Our English Ambassadors are so devoted and energetic.